The Transport Group

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Budapest car 1783  in 1973

Budapest 4200 Jozsef Korut  in 1996

Budapest works car 7117 Hungaria Depot  in 1996

Miskolc 51 Marx ter in 1974

Szombathely 7 ex Sopron and 15 16  Koztarasasag terminus 1974

Szeged 9-117 Mikszath Kalman u. 1964

Miskolc 46 Diosgyor  1974

Szombathely 1  in 1974

Budapest 3817 Deak Ferenc ter. 1996

Archive photographs.

These will change monthly.

Archive pictures of Hungarian Transport taken in the 1970’s and 1990’s. The pictures were taken by a member of the group who owns the copyright.