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 In the summer of 2008 the Stella Artois “Star over London” airship gave trips over London for 12 people. It took off from Upminster’s Damyns Hall Aerodrome and flew at 300 metres at 30 mph.

Barbouilleur No. 1126 an 0-4-0 narrow-gauge tank engine built in 1947 by the French  rolling stock manufacturer, Decauville. The picture shows it running at Amberley Chalk Pits Museum in West Sussex.

Tram number 766 on line 1 in Amsterdam in the mid 1970’s. The tram is on its way to Osdorp.

The Marzilibahn, is a very short funicular in Bern. The 105 meters line runs from the Marzili neighborhood to the Bundeshaus, the seat of the Swiss federal government and parliament, in the Old City of Bern. The line opened in 1885 and was originally water-powered, however in 1974 the line was converted to electric power.

Blackpool tram 641 built by East Lancs Coach builders in 1984.  Known as a Centenary Car  reflecting the 1985 centenary of Blackpool’s tramway.

Western National registration 275 KTA.    An  Eastern Coach Works bodied c33f SUL at Bristol running day 24th May 2003.

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