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Rislip Lido’s 1 foot gauge 'Graham Alexander', Type 4w-4w Diesel Mechanical locomotive.  It was built in 1990 by Severn Lamb, weighs 3 tons and is powered by a 4.5 Litre ‘Perkins’ Engine.

Silver Cloud , seen here at Woolwich, is a small cruise ship operated by Silversea Cruises, a privately owned luxury cruise line. She entered service in 1994 as Silversea's first ship.

Class 122 dmu at St Ives, Cornwall, built by Gloucester RC&W in 1958.

850 Lord Nelson built at Eastleigh in 1926, on display at Woking open day.

Southdown UF 1517. This 19 seater bus is garaged at Amberley Museum. Built in 1927, it has a Dennis chassis and is an early example of an all-metal body. The body is made of aluminium and was built by Short Brothers and is the only surviving example of a batch of all-metal bodies built by the company.

Royal Iris at Charlton. The MV Royal Iris was a twin screw, diesel-electric, Mersey Ferry, built by William Denny & Brothers of Dumbarton and launched in December 1950, costing £256,000. In 2002 it moved to the Thames as a floating nightclub but in 2010 noted to be taking on water and being used as a squat.

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