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Articles of transport interest submitted by members.

Perhaps one of the most unusual events that the group has been involved with was the safety testing of the Jubilee Line prior to its opening. We gathered at North Greenwich where we were given a briefing of our role. Then we were led down to the platform to await the train which would be involved in the “fated accident”.  We were the slightly rowdy contingent (no change there then), others in our coach playing obnoxious, rude, and asleep or inpatient passengers.  After reaching mid way under the Thames we came to an abrupt halt. Silence!!!.  We then sat, playing out our part, until the rescue squad arrived, some passengers panicking, as was their role.  The “injured” in the front of the train were stretchered past us first and the “dead” left until we had been detrained from the rear cab for the long walk back to the station where we were fed pie and chips. A wonderful and informative day out!

Next time I’ll describe our trip to a most unusual funicular- the Bristol Rocks Railway.