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A few years ago the group visited the Bristol Rocks Railway to find out what remained of this unique piece of history.

It was built by George Newnes, Liberal MP and publisher, and engineered by his friend George Marks. The four track narrow gauge funicular ran underground though the rocks for 500 feet on the North Avon Gorge linking Hotwells with the Spa at Clifton. It was built in a tunnel so it would hidden and therefore not spoil the view. The railway opened in 1893 but finally closed in 1934. The four funicular cars were water weight driven and had five braking systems as a safety precaution. The railway lay abandoned until the Second World War when it was used as an air raid shelter, a barrage balloon repair workshop and most famously as  the last resort broadcasting station should there have been an invasion.

The group met some of the team who are bringing this wonderful piece of history back to life as a museum.

If you wish to know more I recommend reading “The ups and downs of the Clifton Rocks Railway” by Maggie Shapland.