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Father McKenzie’s Model Railway Page

My first venture in 009 narrow gauge (00 on N gauge). It is a coffee table oval with secondary loop. It was to be called Loch Doone as it was a lockdown project, but I found the name had been used by other modelers. So “Backwater” it became, a small village to the south of Thurso and North of the Lizard.

On the station platforms waits Mrs Wiberforce who has moved from London to Backwater after her financial windfall. She awaits the local train that will bring her closest friends, Hypatia, Amelia and  Lettice for a holiday in the country. Her driver waits with the classic Bentley to take them back to her cottage.

The next 009 or Hoe venture was Mariazell, an Austrian line running up from St Polten to the Basilica pilgrimage town of Mariazell, thus marketed as the “Stairway to Heaven”. The coaches and buildings were scratch built and was my first attempt at overhead scratch catenary. A SABENA experience. (Some awful blo..y experience never again!). A work in progress.

A working diorama with fire engine with working hoses, traffic lights, station shuttle and loads more animations.

Dorset Quays, a fine scale 00 terminus to fiddle yard, third rail, set in Southern territory. Analogue control.

And finally West Lulworth, a fictional 00 dcc layout near the Dorset coast.

On a balmy Sunday afternoon a Class 37 running light engine derailed and smashed its way onto the cricket pitch. Undeterred the locals continued to play around it.


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